Ready for Uni

Welcome to the Ready For Uni Website

Ready For Uni is an on-campus and online resource designed to assist new students with their transition to UTAS.

As an online resource, it is a group of video tutorials that encompass many of the administrative requirements of studying at the University of Tasmania, as well as familiarisation with the systems that are used.
As an on campus resource, it is designed as a workshop where you will hear from Student Centre staff, including members of the student learning and student advice teams, then the faculties assist with enrolment information and you have an opportunity to enrol in your course.

Information contained in the presentation includes

  • Your offer, enrolment and what happens next 
  • ID Cards, fees and timetable access 
  • Student username and password 
  • Various student support services

Don't forget the online videos!

Whilst the online videos have been designed to assist students studying via distance, please do not forget they are here as a resource, should you need to come back and revisit any information or check where to fill out an online form etc.

If you have any questions, please email us at