Research Division

Research Administrators Network (RAN) Meeting 1, 2012


A forum for research administrators to discuss major research issues, policies and procedures.

Start Date

23rd Feb 2012 11:00am

End Date

23rd Feb 2012 1:00pm


Meeting Room 2, Research Division Building, Hobart campus/ NH.X117.Video-Launceston/CC.A119.Video-Cradle Coast

RSVP / Contact Information

This is the first meeting of the RAN Network for 2012.
The RAN was established to:
1.Share key research administration, policy and procedure information, as well as relevant information from external meetings and conferences.
2.Build productive relationship between RANs members so issues can be identified and immediately resolved.
3.Provide a forum so larger issues facing RANs members can be resolved by working closely with various areas (such as Research Services and Finance)
4.Increase the communication flow to all of RAN's members by including them in all relevant correspondence which previously was forwarded to academics about research relevant matters, including funding opportunities.
5.Provide input and participate in the development and implementation of new initiatives, policies and procedures relevant to Research Administrators.
RANs comprise of school, faculty and institute administration staff involved in research and the Research Divisional staff.  RANs will meet regularly to discuss major research issues, policies and procedures.