Research Division

Writing Rejoinders for ARC Discovery Projects 2013


Attendees will be given a update on the scheme and support available to them for 2013

Start Date

6th Jun 2012 10:00am

End Date

6th Jun 2012 11:00am


Hobart - SB.SocSci210.Video (SB.AX17.L02.210), videolinked to Launceston - NH.A023.Video (NH.BF24.L00.23)

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This session will cover the following topics:

  • An Overview of the Arc Discovery Scheme for 2013 by Dr Mark Potter and Mr Ian Cummings
  • Rejoinders and the Assessment process by Dr Andrew Wells (to be confirmed)
  • Rejoinder advice from the ARC College of Experts perspective: Professor Brian Yates and Professor Chris Johnson