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'The Balanced Researcher' Workshop presented by Hugh Kearns from Thinkwell


A workshop by Hugh Kearns, a leading practitioner and researcher in cognitive behavioural coaching

Start Date

6th Sep 2012 2:00pm

End Date

6th Sep 2012 5:00pm


Life Sciences 105, Building (BA22), Level 1, Room 105, Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart

RSVP / Contact Information, Tel (03) 6226 1760

So you're a researcher. Chances are then that you are pretty busy. Firstly there's your research. Writing proposals. Getting ethics approval. Dealing with the paperwork. Meetings. Applying for grants. Getting grants and then managing the money and the people. Writing reports.
And that's all before you even get to the actual research. Then there's papers to write, rejection letters to deal with and conferences to attend.
And for most people research is just one of the things you do.

You might teach or tutor, run demonstrations, or manage a unit or even have another completely different job.
And that's just work. No matter how much you enjoy your research it's a fair bet that there are other parts to your life too. For example you probably have a family or friends, you may have social commitments and you may even have some personal interests.

This workshop will describe the most useful strategies that thousands of researchers have found helpful in balancing the many demands on their time.
• how to be effective with your time
• specific strategies for coping with email overload
• picking the right things to work on
• dealing with distractions and interruptions
• how to say NO gracefully
• setting boundaries
• looking after me

Presented by Hugh Kearns from Thinkwell, 'The Balanced Researcher' Workshop is suitable for anyone who is juggling research with many other demands.

A handout about the session is available here.