Research Division

The Experimental Economics Laboratory


Experiment and learn to analyse underlying economic principles under laboratory conditions.

Start Date

4th Sep 2012 10:00am

End Date

4th Sep 2012 4:00pm


The Experimental Economics Laboratory, Commerce Annex Building, Room 211, Sandy Bay Campus

RSVP / Contact Information

Angus Scheibner, Ph: 6226 2285,

The aim of the research group is to evaluate the theory and application of economics to environmental and resource issues. Groups of students will participate in one of two economics experiments.

The first session will be conducted from 10.00AM to 12.00PM, and the second session will be conducted from 2.00PM to 4.00PM. Both sessions will be held in Room 211 of the Commerce Annex Building, using internally networked computers and customised experiment software.

Both of the experiments will be concerned with the utilisation of fishery resources. Students will take the role of fishermen, and asked to make decisions given a provided scenario.

At the conclusion of the experiment, students will be paid a cash amount depending on the outcome of the choices made. The minimum payment is $10 and the maximum payment is $50.

Laboratory website:

UTAS undergraduates students and academics are invited to attend.