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'Turbocharge Your Writing' Workshop presented by Hugh Kearns from Thinkwell


A workshop by Hugh Kearns, a leading practitioner and researcher in cognitive behavioural coaching

Start Date

7th Sep 2012 1:00pm

End Date

7th Sep 2012 4:00pm


Life Sciences 105, Building (BA22), Level 1, Room 105, Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart

RSVP / Contact Information, Tel (03) 6226 1760

Would you like to know the secret to high output, low stress scholarly writing?
In academia it is often assumed that writing comes naturally. However, an overwhelming body of research shows that there are very clear and practical strategies that can greatly increase your writing productivity.

This workshop will help you to understand:
• why it's hard to get started
• how we deliberately use distractions to slow down writing
• the principles of quick starting
• how to deal with destructive internal beliefs
• how to set a writing plan and stick to it
• how to set achievable goals by writing in a silo
• how to greatly increase the number of actual words you produce
• how to clarify your thinking, and improve the quality of your work

Presented by Hugh Kearns from Thinkwell, this session is for academic/research staff wishing to increase their writing output.

 An article about the 'Turbocharge Your Writing' process recently appeared in Nature and is available here.