Support services

Support for International Candidates

Additional support information for International Candidates is available here.

Support for External and/or Part-Time Candidates

In development.

Support for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? Dedicated support information is available here.

The Student Centre is located on all major campuses and can provide face-to-face advice for all HDR Candidates.

Further information

A collection of amazing and exciting opportunities and services to help make your time at UTAS a great experience. Services include:

The University of Tasmania is committed to the physical, spiritual, and mental health and wellbeing of all students. Information available here covers;

  • Cross Cultural Support
  • Emergencies
  • Health Conditions and Disabilities
  • Personal Counselling
  • Student Advisors
  • Personal Security
  • Spiritual and Pastoral Care
  • Disability Support

Undertaking a research higher degree is an exciting challenge.  Physical and mental self-care is vital to success. The Supporting and Managing Candidates’ Mental Health site offers resources to help promote mental wellbeing.

Campus Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and person escorts (should these be needed). You can also visit security during opening hours to obtain keys and access cards for facilities you require access to.

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Research Services Librarians can help researchers save time and work more efficiently.  For example, you may request customised advice and support in how to:

  • Search effectively in relevant resources and collections
  • Create and use bibliographies with advanced EndNote skills
  • Measure & maximise the impact of your research
  • Stay current with research literature and publications in your field

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The Student Learning Skills Team offers assistance with developing your English language, literacy, numeracy and critical thinking and reading skills. For more information on what support programs are on offer, contact

If you need assistance with your Academic Writing, resources are available here and here.

Making informed decisions about your career is an important step in the transition from university to work or further study. This site can direct you to important resources where you can gain information and advice on career issues, assistance with career decisions and services to support you to build your career.

  • CareerHub
  • Career Conversations
  • Looking and Applying for a Job
  • Career Mentor Program
  • Further Resources

The TUU provides a wide range of services to all HDR Candidates. These services include:

  • Providing student representation, protecting student rights, and participating in university governance.
  • Offering independent student advocates.
  • Hosting events and concerts.
  • Facilitating the operation of TUU-affiliated student clubs and societies.
  • Publishing student-produced media, such as the TUU student magazine, Togatus.
  • Safety Net Grant Scheme

TUU Postgraduate Advocate

The TUU Postgraduate Advocate is a dedicated and independent position that specialises in dealing with any issues concerning HDR Candidates, including welfare, conflict resolution and financial difficulties. You can find the contact details for the Postgraduate Advocate here.

TUU Postgraduate Council

The TUU Postgraduate Council provides advocacy, representation and community building to postgraduates at UTAS and is run by a team of voluntary and highly motivated postgraduate students. Get involved in the Postgraduate Council by nominating for one of the positions. Elections are held in September each year. Keep an eye out for the email notifications.

See the TUU Postgrads Catch-up Page or UTAS Postgraduate Forum group on Facebook.

Immediate support for current candidates in regards to sexual harassment and assault can be found here:

Additional resources available include:

Resource available

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UTAS Statement of Values

At the University of Tasmania, we subscribe to the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, trust and trustworthiness, respect and self-respect, and fairness and justice

Higher Degree by Research Candidature Management Policy

This policy outlines how inappropriate behaviour of staff and HDR candidates will be managed

University Behaviour Policy and Procedure

This policy recognises that all staff and students of the University have a right to work and/or study in an environment that is free from inappropriate behaviour and ensures that the University complies with the provisions of relevant legislation in regard to discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Ordinance 9 - Student Discipline

This Ordinance details the complaints procedure and response protocol for student misconduct

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Policy (and Principles)

This policy articulates the University of Tasmania’s commitment to providing an accessible and inclusive learning and work environment and to support to the University’s legal obligation to provide an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.


FAQ on sexual harassment and assault

This website provides information for candidates who require immediate support in response to sexual harassment and assault

Safety and respect information

Safety and respect website provides information on steps a candidate can take in response to experiencing discrimination, harassment and other incidents

Get safe, stay safe booklet

This booklet provides general advice in relation to personal safety.