Three Minute Thesis (3MT)

An 80,000 word thesis would take 9 hours to present.

Their time limit... 3 minutes

2018 Winners

First Place and People's Choice

Glen Bain (Natural Sciences)
Fully-fledged restoration ecology

Second Place

David Moreno (IMAS)
The unexpected life of a common shark in an uncommon habitat

2018 Finalists

Sheryl Hamilton (IMAS)
How to stop killing seals in trawl nets
Dario Rodriguez-Cubillo (Natural Sciences)
Through burning eyes - Fires of the past, lessons for the future
Zhen Zhou (Menzies)
Statins in healthy older adults: Curse or Cure?
Olivia Swann (Menzies)
The impact of dietary fibre intake on inflammation and depression
Niamh Chapman (Menzies)
Digital Healthcare: Improving the prevention of cardiovascular disease
Katie-Jane Brickwood (Health Sciences)
How to keep older adults active: Technology versus Human Interaction
Van Thi Tuong Nguyen (Menzies)
The powerhouse of stem cells
Shane Morris (Natural Sciences)
Translocations: A story about a kid, a tiger and a possum

2017 Competitors

First Place
Patricia Graham (Menzies)
Gene hunting: Unravelling the causes of glaucoma blindness
Second Place
Lauren Roman (IMAS)
Plastic ingestion in Australian seabirds
People's Choice
Yan Zhang (Menzies)
Better understanding of progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
David Bayliss (Health)
What influences how men choose a treatment for their prostate cancer?
Hoang Phan (Menzies)
Sex differences in management and outcomes after stroke
Mike Guerzoni (Social Sciences)
Behind the Candelabra: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Tasmania
Toby Newstead (TSBE)
Leading with virtue
Nicole Hellessey (IMAS)
Licence to Krill
Fera Dewi (SET)
Shelf-Life Extension of Atlantic Salmon
Sarah Young (Health)
An examination of the influences affecting maternal mental wellbeing after childbirth in Tasmania