For Supervisors

Supervision and coordination of HDR Candidates is an important and complex academic role and can be approached in a variety of ways depending on the individual project requirements and the supervisory and candidate relationship. Nevertheless, some common principles and responsibilities apply to all supervisory arrangements and practice.

The supervisor’s role is to guide, advise and support HDR candidates to make a significant independent contribution to the body of knowledge in their own right.

Supervisory teams provide tailored guidance and constructive feedback to HDR candidates in relation to the design, conduct and timely completion of the research; support in publications and dissemination of research findings; and advice on the acquisition of a range of research and other skills as appropriate to the discipline and the background of the candidate.

Policies and procedures with respect to supervision and coordination of University of Tasmania’s HDR candidates are designed to promote healthy working relationships and thus enhance the learning and research experience of the candidate.

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