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Ian Potter Foundation (IPF) - EoIs


Start Date

21st Apr 2017 9:00am

End Date

21st Apr 2017 5:00pm

The Ian Potter Foundation (IPF) is a major Australian philanthropic foundation that supports and promotes excellence and innovation. Through its grants, the IPF seeks to encourage excellence and support Australia's talent: the visionaries, social entrepreneurs, scientists, academics and researchers, artists and teachers, and those who dedicate themselves to bettering our communities for the benefit of all.

University researchers wishing to apply for an IPF grant must follow specific IPF steps. Please ensure you follow carefully the IPF Instructions for University Researchers to apply for either a Two Stage (Expression of Interest) or Single Stage Application program.

For detailed information, rules and guidelines please refer to the Ian Potter Foundation website.

Two Stage (Expression of Interest)

An Expression of Interest (EOI) process applies for applications to the following Program Area open in Round 2:


  • Applications open online: Monday 27 March 2017
  • EOI to your Research Hub: 9.00 am Monday 10th April 2017
  • EOI to the IPF: 5.00 pm Friday 21st April 2017

EOI requests for more than $50,000 are required to contact the IPF Program Manager on (03) 9650 3188 before submitting to discuss your proposal and whether it fits with the Foundation's priorities.

EOIs must be submitted online (a hardcopy is not required) and will be assessed by the IPF. Applicants will be notified within 10 business days as to whether their project will progress to stage two (full application).


Please submit your EOI or application and supporting documents, along with your Research Funding Clearance Form and Costing Tool, to your Research Hub. Applicants are encouraged to contact their Research Hub prior to the internal closing date so that Hub staff can provide you with additional information and provide pre-award services.