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NHMRC - Partnership Projects PRC 1


Start Date

12th Apr 2017 9:00am

End Date

12th Apr 2017 5:00pm

NHMRC Partnerships for Better Health – Partnership Projects (Partnership Projects) will help create partnerships among decision makers, policy makers, managers, clinicians and researchers. This funding scheme provides funding and support to create new opportunities for researchers and policy makers to work together to define research questions, undertake research, interpret the findings and implement the findings into policy and practice.

Partnership Projects will answer a specific research question to influence health and well-being through changes in the delivery, organisation, funding and access to health services.

Partnership Project documentation (round 2017) is now available on the NHMRC website and the UTAS Research Website. Documentation includes: 

Note that the above documentation should be read in conjunction with the NHMRC Funding Rules 2017 and NHMRC Advice and Instructions to Applicants 2017

Note that there are three peer review cycles for Partnership Project round 2017 (please see below Key Dates)

Key Dates:
Applications open in RGMS: 18 January 2017
UTAS internal deadline: 15 March 2017 
Applications due to the NHMRC: 12 April 2017 

If you would like to submit an application please notify and the Domain Research Hub will be able to assist you with your application preparation. Please contact the Domain Research Hub and the NHMRC Scheme Leader (Research Support) Jo McEvoy if you have any queries