Research Division

NHMRC - NIH Brain Initiative Collaboration Grants


Start Date

8th Feb 2017 9:00am

End Date

8th Feb 2017 5:00pm

To be eligible for NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme funding, Australian researchers must apply to the NIH BRAIN Initiative as part of a collaborative Australia-US application.

The NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme provides a contribution to Australian institutions and researchers who are participating in leading international collaborative research that has been selected for funding through the NIH BRAIN Initiative.The BRAIN initiative is intended to enable researchers to discover new ways to treat, cure, and even prevent brain disorders.Further information on the BRAIN Initiative is available from the NIH website.

The specific NIH BRAIN Initiative topics that NHMRC intends to support through the 2016 NHMRC- NOH BRAIN scheme for funding in 2017 are:

Further information, including Funding Rules and Advice and Instructions to Applicants for this scheme can be found on the NHMRC website for NIH Brain Initiative Collaborative Research Grants.

Key dates:
Applications open in RGMS: 26 October 2016 
UTAS internal deadline: 11 January 2017 
Applications due to NHMRC: 8 February 2017 

All applications must be submitted on-line through RGMS.

If you have any queries please contact the Domain Research Hub or the NHMRC Scheme Leader, If you would like to submit an application please notify and the Research Hub will be able to assist you with your application preparation.