Research Division

NHMRC - Practitioner and Researcher Fellowships


Start Date

1st Feb 2017 9:00am

End Date

1st Feb 2017 5:00pm

Research Fellowships are a five year fellowship supporting leading health and medical researchers in full-time research. The objectives of the Research Fellowships scheme are to foster an intellectual environment which supports and builds the capacity of Australian research for the future and to create knowledge through investment in research which improves health and thus contributes to Australia’s prosperity.

A Practitioner Fellowship is a five year, part-time fellowship for clinicians, public health or health service professionals to engage in research related to their professional activities. The Practitioner Fellowships scheme is a key element in NHMRC’s commitment to accelerate the bridging of the gap between the acquisition of new knowledge from research and its implementation into practice and policy. The scheme aims to support research which results in the translation of new evidence into improved clinical practice and health policy and which delivers improvements in health and healthcare to Australians.

Key dates:
Applications open in RGMS: 7 December 2016
UTAS internal deadline: 4 January 2017 
Applications due to NHMRC: 1 February 2017 

All applications must be submitted on-line through RGMS.

If you have any queries please contact the Domain Research Hub or the UTAS NHMRC email, If you would like to submit an application please notify and the Research Hub will be able to assist you with your application preparation.