Research Division

AEC Submission and Meeting dates

The following are the deadlines for the submissions to the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC), together with the dates of the subsequent meetings during which the submissions are discussed amongst the committee members.

Submission and Meeting Dates 2018

Submission Deadline Meeting Date
Wednesday 3rd January Friday 12th January
Wednesday 24th January Friday 9th February
Wednesday 21st February Friday 9th March
Wednesday 21st March Friday 6th April
Wednesday 26th April Friday 11th May
Wednesday 23rd May Friday 8th June
Wednesday 27th June Friday 13th July
Wednesday 25th July Friday 10th August
Wednesday 22nd August Friday 7th September
Wednesday 26th September Friday 12th October
Wednesday 24th October Friday 9th November
Wednesday 21st November Friday 7th December

Please send signed submissions to

Submissions must be received no later than close of business on the submission date.