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University Veterinarian / Ethics Training

University Veterinarian

The University Veterinarian Dr Jane Dunnett is a registered Veterinarian who is available to provide advice to staff and students on requirements and responsibilities associated with the care, housing, maintenance and welfare of animals. Dr Dunnett also provides clinical diagnostic and treatment services for animals.

The University Veterinarian is responsible to the Animal Ethics Committee and ensures that the university meets all standards, guidelines and regulations in regard to the care and supervision of animals used in teaching and research.  The University Veterinarian is an ex-officio member of the AEC and provides advice on the review of applications for ethics approval.

It is a legal requirement that in the case of certain surgical procedures, researchers MUST be assessed as competent by the University Veterinarian. This is in accordance with the Tasmanian Veterinary Surgeons Act 2012. It is the responsibility of researchers to contact Dr Dunnett to arrange for an assessment.

Dr Jane Dunnett
+61 3 6226 7491
Mobile: 0499 455 188

Protecting animal welfare in the University Veterinarian's absence

During periods when the University Veterinarian is not available to provide immediate oversight of animal welfare (for example, during sick leave), Responsible Investigators and Facility Managers are required to take all reasonable steps to attend promptly to any animals which show signs of poor welfare, illness or suffering. In some instances, this will require humane culling of the animal to prevent further suffering.

Please refer to the Management of animal welfare matters in the University Veterinarian’s absence document for instructions on how to manage welfare concerns in the vet’s absence.

Animal Ethics Training

UTAS staff and students working with animals must undertake Animal Ethics Training. This is compulsory.

The Animal Ethics Committee together with the University Veterinarian conduct three or four discipline-specific face-to-face training sessions per year. Attendance is mandatory for all new staff and students who will be handling animals in research. Details of the next sessions will be emailed six weeks prior. After initial attendance, it is required that researchers take a refresher course every three years.

Additionally, an online Animal Ethics training resource is also available. It includes presentations by the AEC Chair and the University Veterinarian, various references and a multiple choice quiz. Please note that online training is considered an interim measure and all researchers must attend the Animal Ethics training sessions that are held during the year. If you require further information or wish to enrol for the MyLO online training please contact the Animal Ethics Exec Officer