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If you are not sure of which form you should use for your new application, please assess your project's level of risk before choosing your application form.

Please also remember that there are other documents, including your information sheet and consent forms that you may need to submit along with your application.

If you choose to submit a covering letter, please ensure that this does not contain any information that is not included in the application form.

Please note that for student projects, School approval is required. Applications cannot be submitted until this process is complete. All other applications to the Social Sciences HREC are required to have undergone a peer review process prior to submission.
Before they can be accepted for review, applications must be complete and must be edited for content and coherence.

Full Application (WORD 158.8KB)

This form must be used for all full applications. The form is designed specifically for non-medical research.

Prior Approval Application (WORD 96.5KB)

If your project already has approval from a NHMRC registered Australian HREC, you should complete a prior approval application form. Please submit this along with a copy of the approved application, and a copy of the formal letter of approval.

Low Risk Application (WORD 276.0KB)

If your project is only low risk (that is, the only risk to participants is no more than discomfort), you may submit a low risk application.

Privacy Form (WORD 109.8KB)

If your project involves the collection, use or disclosure of personal information without the consent of the participant, please complete and submit this form. You will need to refer to the Guidelines Under section 95 of the Privacy Act 1988, the Guidelines approved under Section 95A of the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) prior to completing this form.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander supplementary form (Word 95KB)

All applications for research projects with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples or communities or their data need to include a supplementary form. Please submit this alongside your application to the HREC. Information and support in completing this form can be found at the submitting an application page of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Ethics page, including contact details for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ethics Advisors.


Amendments (WORD 90.0KB)

Use this form to request a change to an existing project that has been approved by the HREC.


Progress Report (WORD 105.5KB)

Use this form to submit an annual progress report to the committee.

Final Report (WORD 107.5KB)

At the completion of your project's ethics approval you will need to complete a final report. Please also attach any publications or abstracts of publications resulting from your research.

Request for Extension (WORD 94.0KB)

If your project is not complete after 4 years and you require ongoing ethics approval, this form allows you to apply for an extension of ethical approval.

Information Sheet and Consent Form

Information Sheet (WORD 25.4KB)

The Social Sciences HREC has developed a template information sheet, which researchers are free to use if appropriate for any particular project.

Consent Form (WORD 25.7KB)

The Social Sciences HREC has developed a template consent form, which researchers are free to use if appropriate for any particular project.