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Further information and assistance

DEC has developed a series of free e-based Defence Export Controls training modules for exporters to gain a better understanding of Australia's system of export controls.

DEC has developed an Export Controls Frequently Asked Questions page as well as specific guides for researchers in Life Sciences and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). A webpage responding to common myths about the Defence Trade Control Act (2012) has also been developed.

Office of Research Services staff have identified key Faculties and Schools that may be impacted by these restrictions, and have delivered presentations to researchers. If you believe your research team would benefit from an information session please contact the nominated DEC Responsible Officer Sarah Bascomb.

If you believe you require a permit, or have any questions about the information included on this webpage, please contact:

Sarah Bascomb
Nominated DEC Responsible Officer
T: +61 3 6226 1956

Once the control status is established, the Office of Research Services will seek permission (on the researcher's behalf) from the Defence Export Control Office before the intangible supply of controlled goods and technology can take place. Permissions may take the form of a one-off permit or a broad project based licence allowing a number or range of transactions over a set time period.

Relevant University Policy and Procedure: