Research Division

Publication Entry System (PES)

Every Hub at the University of Tasmania has a designated Publication Officer who maintains publication records on behalf of academic staff. To view a list of Publication Officers for Schools click here. Please provide your publications to the relevant Publication Officer via WARP.

System access

PES is a password-mediated system and only authorised officers can gain access to the system.

For Publication officers, enter here: Publication Entry System

Reference material

The 2015 HERDC specification for the collection of 2015 publications data is available here.

Information for authors

Information for Publication Officers

WARP implications

  1. Data entered into PES is instantly available in WARP.
  2. New options in PES allow for publications not affiliated with UTAS to be entered (use a collection year of Other).
  3. In-press items can be entered using the current collection year with a publication year of In Press. Update the publication year and enter any other details (eg, page numbers) after the item has been published.
  4. Prepress items can also be entered. Use the current collection year and select Preprint for the publication year. When the item is accepted, change the publication year to In Press and enter any other details available. Preprint items will not be available in WARP. If a preprint item is not accepted it can be deleted.

Please note; this page is under review pending system changes. For further information or access to PES please contact Venetia Joscelyne.