Research Division

Next Generation Technologies Fund presentation, Newnham


2nd Feb 2017 1:00pm-2:30pm


$730 million of funding available 2017 to 2026


Newnham, NH.A153 Lecture Th2 (campus map coordinates NH.BF24.L01.153)

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The Australian Government’s Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF) will be launched in early 2017.  NGTF is a forward looking program, to be coordinated by the Defence Science and Technology Group, focusing on research and development in emerging and future technologies and developing early ideas into innovation concepts that could be further explored and matured through the Innovation Hub.

Please join Dr Roger Neill for this presentation on NGTF.

Dr Roger Neill is Program Lead, Grand Challenges for Safeguarding Australia in the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group). In this new program, DST is engaging broadly with partners from academic institutions, publicly funded research agencies, Defence industry and international counterparts to facilitate development of game-changing capabilities.

Dr Neill’s rather diverse research background has resulted in refereed publications in the fields of ophthalmology, human electrophysiology, vision research, medical physics, mine warfare, ocean systems and unmanned vehicle systems. He initiated the 'Shallow Survey' international conference series. His principal research focus for many years was in the maritime domain, helping guide the Australian Defence Organisation as it moves towards making significantly greater use of automation and unmanned maritime systems. In more recent times Dr Neill has placed at least one foot back onto dry ground, leading a Land Personnel Protection Branch and playing an important role in supporting DST Group’s efforts to engage with the wider scientific community, particularly through the Grand Challenges program.

Along the way he has become a recognised expert in the interpretation and visualization of historic naval shipwrecks. He was Science Director on two maritime archaeological assessments of the Australian submarine wreck HMAS AE2; he was an important member of the DSTO forensic team who supported the HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry; he is a member of the Find AE1 search committee and he has supported efforts to protect the historic shipwreck HMVS Cerberus.