Research Division

A Researcher's Guide to UTAS


7th Jun 2017 9:00am-1:50pm


Are you new to UTAS? Are you interested in learning about the research structure at UTAS and how to navigate the research administration of the university?


SB.AR15.L01.134 - Centen134 - "Harvard" Room 2 with VC links to NH.AZ19.L01.172 - NH.L172 and MR.AM06.L01.119 - CC.A119 Video Conference Room

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Learn how to navigate the research administration side of the University to enhance your research career.

This workshop is designed for newly appointed research staff or for staff who need to brush up on the who, how, when and why of research administration.

This workshop will cover the structure and roles of ORS and Research Hubs, Funding, Graduate Research Office, Finance, Legal, CSL, BD&TT, Marketing/Media and Ethics in the context of conducting a successful research career at UTAS.