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Provenance & Social Science data


15th Mar 2017 12:30pm-1:30pm


“Making Data Social” webinar series 



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Provenance and Social Science data

Dr Steve McEachern (Director, Aust Data Archive)
Data Documentation Initiative (DDI:
A free, international standard for describing data produced by surveys and other observational methods in the social, behavioral, economic, and health sciences. It can document and manage different stages in the research data lifecycle, eg conceptualization, collection, processing, distribution, discovery, and archiving. Documenting data with DDI facilitates understanding, interpretation, and use -- by people, software systems, and computer networks.

Nicholas Car (Data Architect, Geoscience Aust)
A brief introduction to data provenance and provenance standards

Prof George Alter, (Research Professor, ICPSR & Visiting Prof, ANU)
The C2Metadata Project is producing new tools that will work with common statistical packages (eg R and SPSS) to automate the capture of metadata describing variable transformations. Software-independent data transformation descriptions will be added to metadata in two internationally accepted standards: DDI and Ecological Markup Language (EML). These tools will create efficiencies and reduce the costs of data collection, preparation, and re-use. Of special interest to social sciences with its strong metadata standards and heavy reliance on statistical analysis software.

Who would benefit from attending?
-- Social Science researchers wishing to publish and reuse data
-- Data managers and librarians


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