The Waters Acquity UPLC-Xevo

This instrument suite is used for research in disciplines such as plant physiology, forestry, pharmacology, chemistry, agronomy, microbiology, marine chemistry, environmental science and immunology.

UPLC provides both rapid separations and high chromatographic resolution. The Xevo triple quadrupole MS is an ultra-sensitive device that provides molecular weight and some structural information on unknowns, and excels in the detection and quantitation by MS/MS of trace levels of specifically targeted substances. The diode array UV-Vis detector gives full spectra in the range from 190nm to 500nm.

Typical applications include characterisation of synthetic compounds, quantitation of plant hormones at very low ppb levels, characterisation of neutral lipids and phospholipids, drug assays and metabolism studies in blood and urine, identification and quantitation of plant and algal pigments, and pesticide residue determinations in essential oils and plant extracts.

For more information contact Assoc/Prof Noel Davies.