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Molecular Genetics

Molecular genetics

Many types of research project are carried out in the facility including paternity analyses, cloning, gene expression, population genetic and phylogenetic studies on a range of organisms including bacteria, fungi, insects, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals.

The molecular genetics instrument facility is equipped with two Beckman Coulter CEQ eight capillary automated sequencers. These are available for DNA fragment analyses and mutation and heterozygote detection as well as DNA sequencing.

The facility has recently acquired an Advanced Analytical fragment analyser. Also a capillary electrophoresis system, but with a high sample throughput and very broad range of capabilities, including quantitative and qualitative determination of genomic DNA, RNA, DNA fragments and next generation sequencing DNA library preparations.

There are five Rotorgene quantitative PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) machines, two of which have high resolution melt (HRM) capability for accurate mutation detection. The Rotorgenes are used heavily for gene expression studies and are supported by a CAS 1200N automated liquid handling robot which ensures a consistently high level of experimental reproducibility.

The facility has contributed to a range of projects in conjunction with IMAS, the Australian Antarctic Division, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research and the former Forestry CRC.

For more information contact Adam Smolenski.

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