Particle Characterization

Sandy Bay Campus, Chemistry Building, Level 2, Room 249
Contact: Dr Sandrin Feig (Officer in charge)

The facility is equipped with a Sympatec QICPIC particle size analyser. The instrument comprises 3 different dispersing units:

  • LIXCELL – Wet dispersion to measure the particle size in suspension. Particle size range 1.1-2000µm (ISO range: 10-750µm)
  • RODOS – Dry dispersion using an air jet for singling of particles. Particle size range 11-4000µm (ISO range: 99-4000µm). Sample cannot be retrieved!
  • GRADIS – Dry dispersion using a free-fall shaft. Particle size range 11-10000µm (ISO range: 99-7510µm).

The instrument utilises a pulsed light source and a high resolution, high speed camera to capture the particle projections. Results can be exported in a range of size and shape parameters.