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CSL 400MHz NMR Upgrade Complete

Published 26 Apr 2013

The CSL is pleased to announce that its NMR facility has been brought into the 21st century.

In April 2013 our 16 year old Agilent system was upgraded to a Bruker Avance system. The original 400MHz magnet is retained but all other infrastructure has been replaced or retired.

With the new 400 system come a range of improvements in operation for users of the CSL. Automated procedures for tuning and matching and shimming and frequency locking of deuterated solvent signals will dramatically improve the throughput and the quality of data obtained for walkup users of the system. More skilled users will benefit from the defined linearity of amplifier responses and the simple calibrations that quickly yield optimised 2D experiment parameters. More sophisticated applications will become more widely available to more users earlier in their experience of the technique. The library of available, optimised experiments is vast and extremely well supported internationally and within the Australian Bruker-User community.

The upgrade was made possible through an ARC grant and the CSL intends to upgrade retired NMR-microscopy functionality in the near future using internal UTAS funds.