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Early detection of DFTD is closer

Published 30 Nov 2016

The CSL's Richard Wilson is part of a team that has discovered new “biomarkers” that can be used for early detection of Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD).

CSL Senior Research Fellow in Proteomics Mass Spectrometry, Richard Wilson, is part of a team that has discovered new biomarkers indicitive of the disease. Richard's role was as lead analytical scientist and he determined a striking characteristic of  DFTD samples is the high number of significant features putatively classified as peptides. High correlation between peptides was observed, raising the possibilities that they are biologically related or perhaps originate from the same protein. The novel findings in this first DFTD metabolomics study shed light on metabolic changes in Tasmanian devils affected by DFTD and provide a valuable step towards development of prognostic biomarkers. A Q and A article was published in Chromatography on Line  and more information can be found here.