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LIEF Success - huge boost to the NMR capability at the CSL

Published 09 Aug 2012

A Huge boost to NMR capability at the CSL

A multidisciplinary team of UTAS researchers was successful in the ARC LIEF grant scheme in 2011 securing $630K AUD funding for a 600 MHz NMR spectrometer to be operated in the Central Science Laboratory. The bid was substantially supported by schools, faculties and Central University financial commitments. This will be a considerable boost to research and teaching programs within Menzies, Chemistry and Plant Sciences and will be be a great asset for the wider UTAS community and affiliates.

The contract for supply of the new instrument and important upgrades to the existing instrument at the CSL was awarded after a Tender process and due consideration by the team of Chief Investigators and CSL personnel. Contracts for supply are now being finalised and the order is due to be sent in mid-July. Approximately 4 months from ordering, the CSLs 400 Mhz spectrometer will receive completely new electronics and probe hardware, yielding substantial improvements in operation and sensitivity and giving users access to a state of the art system.

Early in the new year the 600 MHz spectrometer will be installed. The new system will allow for the study of large, macromolecular systems in biology and the characterisation of very small amounts of material in Plant Sciences and Chemistry applications with high sensitivity and resolution due to the large magnetic field and clean electronics. The probe used for signal detection in this instrument is cryogenically cooled to maximise sensitivity by reducing electronic noise.

This is a fantastic time for the Central Science Laboratory, commissioning and supporting these cutting edge technologies for the UTAS research effort. We look forward to the challenges ahead.