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Paul Waller awarded the 2016 VC's Award for Exceptional Service by Professional Staff

Published 09 Sep 2016

The CSL is extremely proud to report that Paul Waller has been announced as the recipient of the 2016 VC’s award for Exceptional Performance by Professional Staff

Paul has served the University of Tasmania for over 40 years and as a staff member of the CSL since 1983. In his role at the CSL Paul has been able to solve numerous supply, repair, maintenance, design, fabrication and instrument housing problems presented by University staff and students and external clients. These are problems that are usually beyond the private sector’s capability, either in terms of cost or expertise. It is not unusual for his clients to have only a vague notion of design requirements, often only just a concept, and the project will come to fruition only with considerable intellectual input from Paul. Paul has consistently displayed willingness, commitment and innovation in his approach to solving these problems and works very hard to minimise costs and improve service whilst providing sustained outstanding quality. Paul is also responsible for the management of electronics consumables, components and minor equipment ordering in the CSL and invariably seeks the lowest rate possible. Since the 2015 loss of 2 full time key members of staff in the CSL’s technical services group, (a senior electronics technician and the CSL laboratory manager), Paul has had to meet all electronics related requirements alone as well as taking on addition roles that were the responsibility of the laboratory manager. By his reputation, Paul is the first point of contact for difficult and potentially expensive technical electronics problems within the University. It is with sincere gratitude we congratulate Paul on receiving this award, a wholly deserved recognition of his unswerving dedication to the University, his ‘can do’ attitude, his ever friendly demeanour and his outstanding ability and creativity.