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Successful ARC Grant Won by CSL

Published 21 Nov 2013

A/Prof Noel Davies - member of successful UTAS team awarded ARC grant worth $436,000 for growing legumes (worth $1b to the Australian economy).

The team led by Professor James Reid will look at the role plant hormones play in legume growth.

Soil microbes can give plants access to previously unavailable but essential nutrients through symbioses. Legumes are unique as they form symbioses with both nitrogen-fixing bacteria and with mycorrhizal fungi that supply nutrients such as phosphate. This proposal will investigate the role of the plant hormones (small, mobile, potent growth regulators) in the formation of these symbiotic relationships across legume genera. An insight into the common and divergent roles of hormones in these symbioses is essential to provide researchers and breeders with new tools to maximise nutrient acquisition by legumes, important crops contributing an estimated one billion Australian dollars per year to the Australian economy

It was also the highest funded of all the 2013 UTAS led Discovery grants.