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UTAS Cross-Theme Grant to use CSL facilities

Published 22 Feb 2011

A multidisciplinary team of Drs Andrew Bowie (ACE), Delphine Lannuzel (IMAS), Ashley Townsend (CSL) and Andrew Seen (Chemistry) have been awarded ~$20K in the latest 2010 UTAS Cross-Theme Grant Scheme round.

They will make use of CSL facilities to investigate “novel analytical technologies using high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for the rapid and accurate determination of biologically-important trace elements in seawater”. The project will develop a new analytical method combining isotope dilution with standard additions for the simultaneous multi-element determination of trace elements like Mn, Fe, Co, Cu and Zn in marine samples. This work will also likely support the research program of an IMAS PhD student, commencing in 2011.