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Recent Publications

Durand, A, Chase, Z, Noble, TL, Bostock, H, Jaccard, SL, Townsend, AT, Bindoff, NL, Neil, H, Jacobsen, G,  'Reduced oxygenation at intermediate depths of the southwest Pacific during the last glacial maximum', Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 491, 48-57  (2018)

Gupta A, Jacobson GA, Burgess JR, Jelinek HF, Nichols DS, Narkowicz CK, Al-Aubaidy HA ‘Citrus bioflavonoids possess dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibition activity similar to gliptin antidiabetic medication’ . Biochem Biophys Res Commun. pii: S0006-291X(18)30937-9. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2018.04.156 (2018)

Ford, B, Foo, E,  Sharwood, RE, Karafiatova, M, Vrána, J, MacMillan, C, Nichols, DS, Steuernagel, B, Uauy, C, Doležel, J, Chandler, P, Spielmeyer,  ht18 Semi-Dwarfism in Wheat is Due to Increased Expression of GA 2-oxidaseA9 and Lower GA Content' Plant Physiology  DOI: (2018)

Ellwood, MJ, Bowie, AR, Baker, A, Gault-Ringold, M, Hassler, C, Law, CS, Maher, WA, Marriner, A, Nodder, S, Sander, S, Stevens, C, Townsend, A, van der Merwe, P, Woodward, EMS, Wuttig, K, Boyd, PW   'Insights into the biogeochemical cycling of iron, nitrate, and phosphate across a 5,300 km South Pacific Zonal Section (153 E 150 W)', Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 32, (2)   187-207  (2018)  

Patchett, AL, Wilson, R, Charlesworth, JC, Corcoran, LM, Papenfuss, AT, Lyons, AB, Woods, GM, Tovar, C  'Transcriptome and proteome profiling reveals stress-induced expression signatures of imiquimod-treated Tasmanian devil facial tumor disease (DFTD) cells', OncoTarget, 9, (22)  15895-15914   (2018)

Jacobson, GA, Raidal, S, Robson, K, Narkowicz, C, Nichols, DS,  Walters, E  'Salmeterol undergoes enantioselective bronchopulmonary distribution with receptor localisation a likely determinant of duration of action' Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 154, 102-107 (2018)

Nuez-Ortin, WG, Carter, CG, Nichols, PD, Cooke, IR, Wilson,R 'Liver proteome response of pre-harvest Atlantic salmon following exposure to elevated temperature', BMC Genomics 19,  Article 133  (2018)

Ford, B, Foo, E, Sharwood, R, Karafiatova, M, MacMillan, C, Nichols, DS, Steuernagel, B, Uauy, C, Dolozel, J, Chandler, PM, Spielmeyer, W   'Rht18 semi-dwarfism in wheat is due to increased expression of GA 2-oxidaseA9 and lower GA content' Plant Physiology , (in press) (2018).

Wilson,  MD, Latinovic, A, Davies, NW, McQuillan, PB,  Menary, RC, 'Native pollinator management may be a key to improving fruit set in Tasmanian Mountain Pepper, Tasmannia lanceolata (Winteraceae), an emerging spice resource’   Journal of Crop Management (2018).

Fonouni-Farde, C, McAdam, E., Nichols, DS, Diet, A. Foo, E, Frugier, F, 'Cytokinins and the CRE1 receptor influence endogenous gibberellin levels in Medicago truncatulaPlant Signaling and Behavior, (in press) (2018).

Zhang, FP, Sussmilch, F, Nichols, DS, Cardoso, AA, Brodribb, TJ, McAdam, SAM,  'Leaves, not roots or floral tissue, are the main site of rapid, external pressure-induced ABA biosynthesis in angiosperms' Journal of Experimental Botany, (in press) (2018).

Hostrup, M, Onslev, J, Jacobson, GA, Wilson, RR, Bangsbo, J, 'Chronic β2-adrenoceptor agonist treatment alters muscle proteome and functional adaptations induced by high intensity training in young men', Journal of Physiology doi:10.1113/JP274970 (2017) 

McAdam, EL, Meitzel, T, Quittenden, LJ, Davidson, SE, Dalmais, M, Bendahmane, AI, Thompson, R, Smith, JJ, Nichols, DS, Urquart, S, Gelanis-Marion, A, Aubert, G, Ross, JJ,  'Evidence that auxin is required for normal seed size and starch synthesis in Pea'  New Phytologist, 216, 193-204 (2017)

Ratnarajah, L,  Lannuzel, D, Townsend, AT, Meiners, KM, Nicol, S,  Friedlaender, AS,  Bowie, AR,  'Physical speciation and solubility of iron from baleen whale faecal material', Marine Chemistry, 194   79-88 (2017)

Abersteiner, AB, Kamenetsky, VS, Pearson, DG, Kamenetsky, MB, Goemann, K, Ehrig, K, Rodemann, T, 'Monticellite in group-I kimberlites: Implications for evolution of parental melts and post-emplacement CO2 degassing' Chemical Geology: An International Journal, in press (2017)

Abersteiner, AB, Kamenetsky, VS, Pearson, DG, Kamenetsky, MB, Goemann, K, Ehrig, K, Rodemann, T, 'Significance of halogens (F, Cl) in kimberlite melts: Insights from mineralogy and melt inclusions in the Roger pipe (Ekati, Canada), Chemical Geology: An International Journal, in press (2017)

Candish, E, Khodabandeh, A, Gaborieau, M, Rodemann, T, Shellie, RA, Gooley, A, Hilder, EF, 'Poly(ethylene glycol) functionalization of monolithic poly(divinyl benzene) for improved miniaturized solid phase extraction of protein-rich samples',Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 409,  2189-2199  (2017)

McAdam, EL, Hugill, C,Fort, S,Samian, E, Cottaz, S, Davies, NW, Reid, JB, Foo, E, 'Determining the site of action of strigolactones during nodulation' Plant Physiology in press (2017)

McAdam, SA, Eleouet, MP, Cook, SD, Best, M, Sussmilch, FC, Dimitriou, T, Maconochie, M, Urquart, S, Cairns, M, Dalmais, M, Nichols, DS, Gill, WM, Hegarty, MJ, Hofer, J, Brodribb, TJ,   Ross, JJ,  'Linking auxin biosynthesis with photosynthetic rate via leaf venation',  Plant Physiology, in press (2017)

MacGregor, HEA, Lewandowsky, RAM,  d’Ettorre, P, Leroy, C,, Davies, NW, While, GM, Uller, T, 'Chemical communication, sexual selection, and introgression in wall lizards', Evolution, doi: 10.1111/evo.13317 (2017)

Wilson, CR, Davies, NW,  Corkrey, R,  Wilson, AJ, Matthews, AM,  Westmore, GC, 'Receiver Operating Characteristic curve analysis determines association of individual potato foliage volatiles with onion thrips preference, cultivar and plant age' PLOS ONE, in press, (2017)

Wanandy, T, Dwyer, H, McLean, L,  Davies, NW, Nichols, DS,  Guven, N, Brown, S, Wiese, M, 'Factors influencing the quality of Myrmecia pilosula (Jack Jumper) ant venom for use in in vitro and in vivo diagnosis of allergen sensitization and in allergen immunotherapy’   Clinical and Experimental Allergy, in press (2017)

Trang,TT, Eyles, A,  Davies, NW, Glen, M, Ratkowsky, D, Mohammed, C. 'Screening for host responses in Acacia to a canker and wilt pathogen, Ceratocystis manginecans'  Forest Pathology,   Article e12390  (2017)

Potter, NJ,Kamenetsky, VS, Simonetti, A, Goemann, K 'Different types of liquid immiscibility in carbonatite magmas: A case study of the Oldoinyo Lengai 1993 lava and melt inclusions' Chemical Geology, 455, 376-384 (2017)

McLean, S, Davies, NW, Nichols, DS 'Lipids of the tail gland, body and muzzle fur of the red fox, Vulpes vulpes' Lipids, 52(7) , 599-617 (2017)

Ross, JJ, McAdam, EL, Quittenden, LJ, Davidson, SE, Meitzel, T, Dalmais, M. Bendahmane, AI, Thompson, R, Smith, JJ, Nichols, DS, Urquart, S, Gelanis-Marion, A.  'Evidence that auxin is required for normal seed size and starch synthesis in Pea' New Phytologist, in press (2017)

Kendrick, MA, Hémond, C, Kamenetsky, VS, Danyushevsky, L, Devey, CW, Rodemann, T, Jackson, MG, Perfit, MR ‘Seawater cycled throughout Earth’s mantle in partially serpentinized lithosphere’ Nature Geoscience, 10, 222-228 (2017)

Hasanuzzaman, M, Davies, NW, Shabala, L, Zhou, L, Brodribb, T, Shabala, S 'Residual transpiration as a component of salinity stress tolerance mechanism: a case study for barley' BMC Plant Biology, in press (2017)

Sandron,S,  Davies, NW, Wilson, R, Cardona, AR, Shellie, RA, Haddad, PR, Nesterenko, PN, Paull, B 'Fractionation of dissolved organic matter on coupled reversed-phase monolithic columns and characterisation using reversed-phase liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry.' Chromatographia, in press (2017)

Durand, A, Chase, Z, Noble, T, Bostock, HC, Jaccard,SL, Kitchener, P, Townsend, AT, Jansen, N, Kinsley, L, Jacobsen, G 'Export production in the New-Zealand region since the Last Glacial Maximum'  Earth and Planetary Science Letters ·  DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2017.03.035  (2017)

Jacobson, GA, Raidal, S, Robson, K, Narkowicz, C., Nichols, DS, Walters, EH  'Bronchopulmonary pharmacokinetics of (R)-salbutamol and (S)-salbutamol enantiomers in epithelial lining fluid and lung tissue of horses' British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, in press (2017)

Nuez Ortin, W, Carter, CG, Wilson, RR, Cooke, I, Amoroso, G, Cobcroft, JM, Nichols, PD  'Triploid Atlantic salmon shows similar performance, fatty acid composition and proteome response to diploids during early freshwater rearing'  Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part D: Genomics and Proteomics, 22 in press  (2017)

Prokofiev, VY, Kamenetsky, VS, Selektor, SL, Rodemann, T, Kovalenker, VA, Vatsadze, SZ, 'First direct evidence for natural occurrence of colloidal silica in chalcedony-hosted vacuoles and implications for ore-forming processes' Geology, in press (2017)

McKiernan, A,  Potts, BM, Hovenden, MJ, Brodribb, TJ, Davies, NW, Rodemann, T,  McAdam, S,  O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM, 'A water availability gradient reveals the deficit level required to affect traits in potted juvenile Eucalyptus globulus' Annals of Botany, 119 (6), 1043-1052 (2017)

Fox, N, Parbhakar-Fox, A, Feig, S, Goemann, K, Huntington, J, ‘Applications of hyperspectral mineralogy for geoenvironmental characterisation’, Minerals Engineering in press (2017)

Raymond, CA, Davies, NW, Larkman, T 'GC-MS method validation and levels of methyl eugenol in a diverse range of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oils' Analytical and  Bioanalytical Chemistry 409, 1779-1787 (2017)

Jacobson, GA, Hostrup, M, Narkowicz, CK, Nichols, DS, Walters, EH  'Enantioselective disposition of (R)-salmeterol and (S)-salmeterol in urine following inhaled dosing and application to doping control' Drug Testing and Analysis, in press, (2017)

Giuliani, A, Soltys, A, Phillips,D, Kemenetsky, VS, Maas, R, Goemann, K, Woodhead, JD, Drysdale, RN, Griffin, WL ‘The final stages of kimberlite petrogenesis: Petrography, mineral chemistry, melt inclusions and Sr-C-O isotope geochemistry of the Bultfontein kimberlite (Kimberley, South Africa)’ Chemical Geology, in press (2017)

Potter, NJ, Kamenetsky, VS,  Simonetti, VS, Goemann, K ‘Different types of liquid immiscibility in carbonatite magmas: A case study of the Oldoinyo Lengai 1993 lava and melt inclusions’ Chemical Geology, in press (2017)

Noble, TL, Lottermoser, BG, Townsend, AT 'Geochemical response to the rehabilitation of an arsenic-rich tailings deposit.' Australian Journal of Earth Sciences,  in press (2017)

Balendres, MA, Nichols, DS, Tegg, R, Wilson, C  'Potato root exudation and release of Spongospora subterranea resting spore germination-stimulants is affected by plant and environmental conditions' Journal of Phytopathology, 165 (1), 64–72 (2017)


Jackson, LM, Parbhakar-Fox, A, Fox, N, Cooke, DR, Harris, AC, Meffre, S, Danyushevsky, L,Goemann, K, Rodemann, T, Gloy, G,  Savinova, E, Assessing geo-environmental risk using intact materials for early life-of-mine planning – a review of established techniques and emerging tools, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Australia, pp. 18. (In Press)  (2017)

Olivier, WJ, Kilah, NL, Horne, J, Bissember, AC, Smith, JA  'ent-Labdane Diterpenoids from Dodonaea viscosa' Journal of Natural Products, 79,   3117-3126 (2016)

Quentin, AG, Rodemann, T, Doutreleau, M-F, Moreau, M, Davies, NW Application of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for estimation of non-structural carbohydrates in foliar samples of Eucalyptus globulus’  Tree Physiology, DOI: 10.1093/treephys/tpw083  (2016)

Quarrell SR, Davies NW, Walker PW, Corkrey SR, Smith JA, Allen GR 'Identification of the putative aggregation pheromone components of the European earwig, Forficula auricularia' Chemoecology, 26:173–186 (2016)

Davies, NW, Larkman, T, Marriott, P, Khan, I 'Determination of enantiomeric distribution of terpenes for quality assessment of Australian tea tree oil' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 64(23), 4817-9 (2016)

Lannuzel, D, Chever, F, van der Merwe, PC, Janssens, J, Roukaerts, A, Cavagna, A-J, Townsend, AT, Bowie, AR , Meiners, KM 'Iron biogeochemistry in Antarctic pack ice during SIPEX-2', Deep-Sea Research II, 131, 111-122 (2016)

Berry, R, Thompson, J, Meffre, S, Goemann, K 'U-Th-Pb monazite dating and the timing of arc-continent collision in East Timor' , Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 63,  367-377. (2016)

McAdam, SAM, Brodribb, TJ, Banks, JA, Hedrich, R, Atallah, NM, Cai, C, Geringer, MA, Lind, C. Nichols, DS, Stachowski, K, Geiger, D, Sussmilch, FC   'Abscisic acid controlled sex before transpiration in vascular plants' Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 113(45), 12862-12867 (2016)

Measham, P, Townsend, A, Richardson, A 'Calcium application and impacts on cherry fruit quality' Acta Horticulturae, in press (2016)

Ariskin, AA, Kislov, EV, Danyushevsky, LV, Nikolaev, GS, Fiorentini, ML, Gilbert, SE, Goemann, K, Malyshev, A  'Cu-Ni-PGE fertility of the Yoko-Dovyren layered massif (northern Transbaikalia, Russia): thermodynamic modeling of sulfide compositions in low mineralized dunite based on quantitative sulfide mineralogy' Mineralium Deposita, 51, 993-1011 (2016)

Nuez-Ortin, WG, Carter, CG, Wilson, R, Cooke, I, Nichols, PD  'Preliminary validation of a high docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and -linolenic acid (ALA) dietary oil blend: tissue fatty acid composition and liver proteome response in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts' PLoS One, 11, (8) Article e0161513.  (2016)

Sharma, S, Rodemann, T, Davidson, G 'Raman spectroscopy enables the classification of molybdenite phases in the presence of carbonaceous material from Merlin Mo-Re deposit, Australia' Vibrational Spectroscopy, 86, 8-13.  (2016)

Balendres, MA, Nichols, DS, Tegg, R,  Wilson, C 'Metabolomes of potato root exudates: Compounds that stimulate resting spore germination of the soil-borne pathogen Spongospora subterranea' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 64, 7466-7474(2016)

Lu, W, Ferguson, SG, Nichols, DS, Patel, R,  Jacobson, GA 'Application of an assay for 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanol (NNAL) in urine for the assessment of tobacco-related harm' Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 131, 327-332 (2016)

Karu, N, McKercher, C, Nichols, D, Davies, NW, Shellie,  RA, Hilder, EF, Jose, MF 'Tryptophan metabolism in chronic kidney disease is related to the inflammation marker neopterin and to neuropsychological measures: pilot study and brief literature review.’ BMC Nephrology, 17, 171-183 (2016)

Karu,N, Wilson, R, Hamede, R, Jones, M, Woods, GM, Hilder, EF, Shellie, RA 'Discovery of biomarkers for Tasmanian Devil cancer (DFTD) by metabolic profiling of serum’ Journal of Proteome Research, 15(10), 3827-3840 (2016)

Thresher, RE,  Fallon, SJ, Townsend, AT ‘A ‘‘core-top” screen for trace element proxies of environmental conditions and growth rates in the calcite skeletons of bamboo corals (Isididae)’ Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 193, 75–99 (2016)

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Thompson, J, Meffre, SJM,  Maas, R,  Kamenetsky, VS,  Kamenetsky, MB, Goemann, K, Ehrig, K,  Danyushevsky, LV   'Matrix effects in Pb/U measurements during LA-ICP-MS analysis of the mineral apatite', Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 31, 1206-1215 (2016)

Lewis, A,  King, CK,  Hill, NA, Cooper, A, Townsend, AT, Mondon, JA  'Seawater temperature effect on metal accumulation and toxicity in the subantarctic Macquarie Island isopod, Exosphaeroma gigas', Aquatic Toxicology 177:333-342 (2016)

Nuez-Ortin, WG, Carter, CG, Nichols, PD, Wilson, R 'Sequential protein extraction as an efficient method for improved proteome coverage in larvae of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)' Proteomics 16 (14), 2043-2047 (2016)

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Mahbub, P, Wilson, R,  Nesterenko, PN  'Ultra-fast continuous-flow photo degradation of organic peroxide explosives for their efficient conversion into hydrogen peroxide and possible application', Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics 41 (4),   57–763 (2016)

Khodabandeh, A,  Arrua, RD,  Desire, CT, Rodemann, T, Bon, SAF, Thickett, SC, Hilder, EF  'Preparation of inverse polymerized high internal phase emulsions using an amphiphilic macro-RAFT agent as sole stabilizer', Polymer Chemistry, 7,  1803-1812  (2016)

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Cook, SD, Nichols, DS, Smith, J, Dalmais, M, Chourey, PS, McAdam, E, Quittenden, L,Ross, JJ  'Auxin biosynthesis: Are the indole-3-acetic acid and phenylacetic acid synthesis pathways mirror images?' Plant Physiology, 171,  1230-1241 (2016)

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Book Chapters

Berry, RF, Danyushevsky, LV, Goemann, K, Parbhakar-Fox, A, Rodemann, T ‘Microanalytical Technologies for Mineral Mapping and Trace Element Deportment'  In  'Environmental Indicators in Metal Mining' , Chapter 4, pp.55-72, Springer, editor Bernd Lottermoser, 2017

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Consultant's Reports

Gilbert, S, Goemann, K, Meffre, S 'Trace element analysis of leach residue from the Kwinana nickel refinery', for Alpha Fine Chemicals, Australia (2016)

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