China scholarships

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the University of Tasmania are jointly offering PhD research scholarships to students from the People's Republic of China.

Applications for PhD candidature from the following research areas are invited:

  • Oceanography, marine, Antarctic, maritime, fisheries and aquaculture, including associated research in international policy and law.
  • Geosciences including igneous petrology, geochemistry, melt/fluid inclusion research, volcanology, structural geology, tectonics, geophysics, ore petrology and geo-metallurgy.
  • Agricultural research maximising the sustainable economic development of agricultural industries including dairy production, extensive agriculture, perennial horticulture, vegetable production and food safety, and addressing whole-of-industry issues, including biosecurity and climate change.
  • Separation science research encompassing monolithic stationary phases, the development of new hyphenated and multidimensional separations, biomarkers for the Tasmania Devil Facial Tumour Disease, studies on stationary phase selectivity and capacity, retention modelling in ion chromatography and applications.
  • Health and medical research including immunology, epidemiology, dementia and disease prevention.
  • Fine, creative and performing arts, and musical performance and composition.