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Curriculum, pedagogies and innovations in support of quality teacher education

Curriculum, pedagogies and innovations in support of quality teacher education.

Teacher education programs, their curriculum, pedagogies and outcomes, remain a focus for their many stakeholders. As one of these stakeholders, the Faculty of Education is committed to researching our own practice. The development of our new programs for implementation in 2010 provides a wonderful opportunity to undertake such research. Our expertise and interest relate, but are not limited to:

  • the development of flexible delivery, including on-line and mixed mode;
  • the development of appropriate curriculum to facilitate achievement of professional standards,
  • the structure of teacher education programs which build teacher resilience,
  • the relationship between theory and practice in such programs.

Expressions of interest are invited that relate to any of the above. Other proposals related to the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education are most welcome, in particular those which investigate curriculum, pedagogies and innovations which support quality teacher education.

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Contact:Associate Professor Sharon Fraser
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