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Home school early literacy partnerships

This We know that reading to young children is a valuable activity but the following is a description of a much richer process; that of shared reading with the child as opposed to reading to the child. This research would be targeted at four to six year old children.
The proposed research would look into the relative effectiveness of the three components listed in brief below.
Focus skills1. Concepts about Print.
Concepts such as the front of the book, direction of print, that we read the print etc. Aspects of punctuation will be demonstrated including full stops, commas, exclamation marks and speech marks.
Focus Skill 2. Phonological awareness, phonics and alphabet knowledge.
Phonological awareness will be incorporated into shared reading by including rhyme, alliteration and awareness of syllables. Phonics will be introduced by asking children to find a word beginning with a certain sound in print and alphabet knowledge by sharing alphabet books and again reinforcing phonics by finding words beginning with a certain letter/sound.
Focus skill 3. Comprehension.
This will follow the programme developed and researched by Grove Whitehurst. The aim is to develop many critical skills that develop comprehension in young children.
This approach to sharing a book is used after you have read a book through at least once. It can be used while reading almost every page of a book. The goal is simple: to let the child become the storyteller of the book. Then the adult reads less overtime. Listen to the child talk; follow what is being shared by the child.

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