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Online Pedagogies and Learning

Online Pedagogies and Learning

The School of Education has recently begun the rollout of new pre-service teacher education courses and each one of these is delivered face-to-face, in mixed mode or via fully online delivery for external students. The latter delivery option was commenced in 2008 and has required staff to adopt new technologies and pedagogies in support of students learning at a distance. This context in Education provides the opportunity for extensive research, investigating such things as:

  • Pedagogies of online teaching – what are they and (how) do they differ from 'traditional' pedagogies?
  • How can engagement and participation be encouraged and 'measured' online?
  • How can the technology be used to build a 'learning community' in an online context?
  • Are there particular skills and abilities that students and staff must have to learn successfully online?

Expressions of interest are invited that relate to, but are not confined to, any of the above aspects of Online Learning. Other proposals related to the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education are most welcome, in particular those which investigate curriculum, pedagogies and innovations which support quality teacher education.

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