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Project CrossMove

Project CrossMove: Helping ALL children move more efficiently

The aim of Project CrossMove is to investigate the effects of laterality movement training to aid in the development of initiating midline crossing movements in children. Dr. Pedersen’s work focuses on teaching children of ALL abilities how to develop age-appropriate motor skills, specifically the ability to move efficiently across the midline of the body. It has been demonstrated that this developmental phenomenon is more easily achieved by some children compared to others, and Dr. Pedersen believes that this motor ability may be a prerequisite for children to become successful at physical activity and sport. Project CrossMove will explore several laterality movement training protocols to determine if choice response time can be facilitated by having children practice midline crossing movements. Laterality movement training will involve teaching children how to perform midline crossing movements with their arms and legs through traditional (ball bouncing) and simulated (Nintendo Wii) exercise.

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