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research in human potential

Research in Human Potential: A multi-discipline approach

 This research project is in the domain of human development. The focus is on resilience, psychological and physical wellbeing. This is a multidimensional research project with the specific aim of integrating the skills of a team of researchers within the Faculty including those involved with health and physical education, inclusive education, special needs, education psychology, counselling, and psychological assessment. Topics they will be investigating include the role of motivation on performance, the inclusion of children with special needs into the mainstream curriculum, adaptive physical education programs and enhancing the lives of individuals with a disability. In addition, enhancing exercise within the broader community and the inter-relationships between psychological well being, school factors and the community will be explored. The Faculty is interested in projects that have a quantitative and qualitative approach, and aims to publish its findings in high quality peer reviewed journals. The research project will involve supervisors from a range of education and psychology disciplines but they have at their core a focus on enhancing human potential and understanding behaviour. Projects linked to this research domain include physical development and exercise, early intervention strategies for students with special needs, understanding disability within a classroom setting, with a particular with a focus on asperger’s and students with literacy and numeracy difficulties. The research project will also touch on the retention of students into the school system and the transition into and through schooling coupled with the role of parents and the community in influencing students performance and the role of the principal in facilitating students’ potential..

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Contact: Professor Ian Hay
Phone: + 61 3 6324 3144