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Deep structure and tectonic evolution

Deep structure and tectonic evolution of western Tasmania from ambient seismic and potential field data

The research project will involve the recording of ambient seismic data at target locations in western Tasmania together with the processing and interpretation of other, broad-scale seismic and potential field data covering Tasmania and the Bass Strait. The integrated dataset will be interpreted with the aim of resolving outstanding controversies in the deep crustal structure of western Tasmania. The tectonic evolution of Tasmania remains at the forefront of debate in events leading to the assembly of Gondwana. The geological events that led to the formation of ore deposits such as those in western Tasmania underpin our concepts of continent formation and structure. This project represents an exciting opportunity to both take part in the ongoing development of the ambient seismic technique at the high frequency limit and also to bring together insights from diverse datasets at a key point in understanding Pacific margin tectonic history. Suitable candidates will have a background in Earth Sciences (Geology/Geophysics) and ideally one or more of Physics, Mathematics or Computer Sciences, and the ability to take part in field data acquisition in remote areas.

More Information: Dr Anya Reading
Contact: anya.reading@utas.edu.au