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Ocean wave monitoring

Ocean wave monitoring using on-land recordings of seismic energy

The research project will use newly recorded and archive seismic data in an initiative to develop a method of ocean wave monitoring using seismic data as a proxy for regions with poor direct observation of this important indicator of weather and climate. New stations will be deployed in western Tasmania, forming a matched seismic/oceanography dataset with the publicly available data from the Cape Sorrell Waverider Buoy. The western coast of Tasmania is a key study area as it has weather patterns which can be generalised to the whole southern coast of the Australian continent. This research is relevant to national programs of coastal management and planning for extreme weather events. Archive seismic data from arrays in mainland central Australia will be used to investigate the deep ocean wave climate and the possible variability of extreme storm events through the last 3 to 4 decades. This has far-reaching implications for the behaviour of the Southern Ocean as a carbon dioxide sink and hence to global climate. Suitable candidates will have a background in Geophysics or Oceanography and ideally one or more of Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Sciences, and the ability to take part in field data acquisition in remote areas.


More Information: Dr Anya Reading
Contact: anya.reading@utas.edu.au