Elite Research Scholarships

Law and Genetics

Professors Dianne Nicol, Don Chalmers and Margaret Otlowski formed the Centre for Law and Genetics in the 1990s and are internationally recognized for their research on the ethical legal and social implications of genetic and stem cell research and practice in Australia.

The team currently has funding from the Australian Research Council for the project, The Age of Personalized Medicine: Regulatory Challenges for Australia. The project is built around new developments in genetic technology, which are creating the potential for personalized therapies and direct to consumer genetic tests. Changes to research practice, increased reliance on biobanks and data linkage by commercial entities are also predicted. These developments demand ethical, regulatory and social scrutiny. This project aims to ensure that there is a best practice regulatory and governance environment for facilitating responsible research and clinical service delivery in Australia through a process of evidence based regulatory reform.

The project team is looking for one or more PhD candidates with first class honours (or equivalent) in law and preferably with some formal training in biomedical or health science. A range of thesis topics is available, depending on the candidate’s interest, provided that the chosen topic is within the broad context of the personalized medicine project.

More Information: To find out more about the personalized medicine project and PhD thesis topics, please contact Professor Dianne Nicol, the project leader:
Contact: Dianne.Nicol@utas.edu.au
Tel: 03 6226 2080