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Ageing in place

Ageing in place: how effective are current interventions to support older people remaining in their rural communities as they age

Federal and state Governments have developed a number of approaches and a range of different programs over the past decade to support older people seeking to age in their home communities. These interventions, through a range of aged care packages – supplemented by HACC services, community health, GP and pharmacy services – are intended to provide personalised support which will enable older people to remain in their community and avoid or delay entry to aged care residential facilities.

The growth in packages has come as the number of both rural hospital and residential aged care beds in rural communities has declined.

While there are good aggregate data tracking the availability and usage patterns of the individual services, there is currently little research into how, and how well, these different services fit and work together to provide a quality, supported ageing-in-place experience for the older individual.  The study would examine the effectiveness and quality of these interventions from the perspective of older service users and their families, with input from local service providers where relevant.

The study would focus particularly on rural Tasmanian communities where the number of older people are increasing, and/or where traditional residential services are absent or decreasing.


More Information: http://www.utas.edu.au/ruralhealth

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