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Many individuals with Type 2 Diabetes have low levels of self-care resulting which often leads to poor management of their condition.  Poor management can result in earlier onset of complications, increased morbidity and earlier mortality.  It has been found that individuals in rural and remote areas are at greater risk of developing these complications. 

It is proposed that this research will explore barriers to diabetes management for people living in rural and remote areas as well as how to support people becoming more proactive in both managing their diabetes as well as in reducing the risk of developing diabetes.  One possible focus could be based on the recent finding that many people vastly over-estimate the likelihood of developing complications which, which combined with the belief that they can do nothing to reduce their risks, leaves them de-motivated and unable to act.  Preliminary research indicates that informing individuals of their actual risks of diabetes complications (often lower than their perceived risks) motivates them to manage their diabetes more effectively, resulting in improved diabetes control.  There is also scope to explore the benefits of providing people with their actual risk of diabetes complications and how this can be done using e-health and m-health technologies.


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