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Novelty Scott Pedersen and Dean Cooley

ExertimeTM is an e-health initiative designed to reduce the amount of time desk-based employees spend seated at work. Unlike other workplace health programs, ExertimeTM treats sitting as a habit and provides individualised prompts to help the user engage in short movement breaks during the day. ExertimeTM is a fully customizable software application that encourages healthy behavioural change in desk-based employees.

Value Proposition

There is increasing recognition that prolonged sitting in the workplace is a potential adverse health risk. Observational studies suggest that sitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD). ExertimeTM interrupts extended periods of sitting and encourages short bursts of physical activity (<10 mins) which have been shown to reduce CVD risk factors (Hu et al. 2003, Glazer et al. 2013).

Business Opportunity

This technology is available for licensing to interested industry partners.

Stage Development

Proof of Concept


Dr Dean Cooley and Dr Scott Pedersen from the School of Education at the University of Tasmania



Exercise, software, fitness, occupational health, e-health, physical activity