Donate to Support UTAS Research

Research is often stymied by the lack of funding and research activity is therefore often limited, not by creativity or will, but by funding. Benefaction can exponentially make a difference in supporting research through many avenues, from supporting individuals, research facilities, and partnering with our research training students to help build relationships and capacity in the next generation of researchers.

Why Support Research at UTAS?

  1. Our mission is global.
    We are committed to solving complex, global problems. Big ideas are expensive. Making a difference is worth it.
  2. Federal Funding has declined.
    Federal funding support for University research is significant but has been declining for years in real dollars. The current financial environment makes such funding even more precarious.
  3. Every gift makes a difference!
    Most gifts made to UTAS are under $1,000. Together, they add up to provide financial support to our research students, our researchers and our infrastructure to help drive research outcomes that drive global improvement.

Benefits for Benefactors

UTAS is committed to the betterment of society and the resolution of global challenges. This can be in the form of training younger generations, contributing to the global knowledge base and to solving pressing issues that directly impact upon our community. Benefaction enables UTAS to partner with individuals, Trusts and Foundations with support research that help solves local, regional and global problems.


  • Projects focus on areas of great concern for the benefactor and the researcher
  • Access to a critical mass of expert knowledge that enables the benefactor to make a difference
  • Facilitates the activation of research, through funding research activity, Fellowships or Professorial positions, infrastructure or research training opportunities

You Care. We Care.

The missions and values of UTAS are to support the teaching, learning and research that make a difference. We do so across a diverse range of disciplines with researchers and research students dedicated to solving problems that are often of passionate interest and endeavour for benefactors. Together, we can make a difference.

Accessing Expertise

UTAS houses a critical mass of knowledge and expertise that is at the forefront of discovery. Benefactors can access this nexus to help translate research discovery to research impact. As a research-intensive University, UTAS works with benefactors to reach outcomes that neither by themselves would have been able to achieve.

How to Support Research at UTAS

Visit our advancement office pages.