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murina Program

The murina Program is a program designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to gain skills to commence university studies and strengthen communication and vocation skills, whilst providing a tailored approach to assist students in reaching their goals.

The program offers units covering culture, history, storytelling, creative arts, academic and study skills via in-class activities and 'On Country' field trips, all within a Tasmanian Aboriginal framework.

Units available in 2018

RWA010 nuritinga palawa 1 (SEM 1) & RWA020 nuritinga palawa 2 (SEM 2)

These units aim to prepare students for entry into undergraduate study by developing academic study skills whilst enhancing their understanding of local Aboriginal historical and cultural knowledge from pre-contact in Van Diemen’s Land, lutruwita to palawa/pakana community today and associated political issues.

The units explore the connection to Culture, Country and Community with expressions of Aboriginal self and identity.

RWA030 Academic Study Skills 1 (SEM 1) & RWA034 Academic Study Skills 2 (SEM 2)

These units have been created to equip participants with the necessary skills, confidence and knowledge to enter into an undergraduate degree or engage in further study. You will gain skills in academic writing, researching and navigating university systems.

RWA031 Culture, Country and Connection to Art 1 (SEM 1) & RWA035 Culture, Country and Connection to Art 2 (SEM 2)

These units focus on the use of cultural resources and practical exploration of comparative art styles and promote the connections between Aboriginal culture and experiences of culture and Country with the development of individual art practice. Further work in these units aim to develop student’s drawing and painting skills, particularly the use of markings, mixed media, adaptation and imagination.

RWA111 Examining Stories (SEM 1) & RWA112 Sharing Stories (SEM 2)

Students will gain knowledge of Aboriginal/pakana storytelling by examining a range of artists, across a variety of genres, to understand different narrative frameworks. The unit provides the opportunity to improve skills in communication, research, literacy and creative expression to build student confidence and knowledge to prepare students to develop their own stories and portfolio.

RWA116 Foundation Communication Skills (SEM 1) & RWA 117 Vocation Communication Skills (SEM 2)

These units aim to deliver skills and knowledge to lay the foundation for student success. Students will learn how to navigate and engage with University culture in order to find their individual pathway at University.

Students will learn to understand University systems by identifying and utilising relevant services to support student learning and success. Students will strengthen their communication skills and develop their vocational goals in order to enhance motivation and focus during the early stages of their student experience to strengthen retention and success in pursuing future pathways.

RWA032 Negotiated Research Topic (SEM1 or SEM 2)

This unit provides students with the opportunity to conduct independent research on a topic of their interest. Students will gain knowledge of their negotiated Aboriginal/pakana topic and develop writing and research skills, including the design of a multimodal project.

What do I enrol in?

Core units

  • RWA010 nuritinga palawa 1 & RWA020 nuritinga palawa 2
  • RWA030 Academic Study Skills & RWA034 Academic Study Skills 2

How do I enrol?

Make an appointment with an Aboriginal Student Success Officer to discuss your needs and options.

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Melanie Marchant

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Note: Enrolling in RWA010 and RWA030 and RWA031 is considered full-time study.

Special note: murina' means path and has been sourced from, A Word-List of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Languages, by N.J.B. Plomley, Launceston, Foot & Playsted Pty Ltd, 1976, p.373.