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Murina Course

Murina Course

Murina is a unique, exciting and culturally vibrant bridging program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, aged 18 years and over. The program aims to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in gaining the necessary skills, confidence and knowledge to succeed at undergraduate study. The Murina course is embedded in a strong pakana cultural framework and has a rigorous focus on developing a range of academic, research and study skills.

In addition to 'in class sessions', the course incorporates a variety of stimulating initiatives including:

  • Guest Aboriginal speakers and community leaders
  • Range of experiential learning opportunities; hands on learning 
  • A major compulsory field trip each Semester
  • Various 'in Country' experiences
  • 'Wrap around' support

Units on offer in Semester 2, 2016

Semester 2
RWA020 - Nuritinga Palawa 2 (compulsory): More information
RWA030 - Academic Study Skills 1 (compulsory - either one): More information
RWA034 - Academic Study Skills 2
RWA035 - Culture, Country & Connections to Art 2 (elective): More information

Students can enrol in other, and/or additional preparatory units offered by the University Preparatory Program (UPP). For more information about UPP units click here.

Murina Course information flyer 


Murina classes are usually held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and occasional Fridays from 9.30am to 2.30pm.


Tanya Harper
Murina Course Coordinator
Phone: +61 3 6324 3386
Email: Tanya.Harper@utas.edu.au
Geoffrey McLean
Associate Lecturer
Phone: +61 3 6324 3378
Email: Geoffrey.McLean@utas.edu.au
Amanda Littlechild
Administration Officer
Phone: +61 3 6324 3683
Email: Amanda.Littlechild@utas.edu.au

Special note: 'Murina' means path and has been sourced from, A Word-List of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Languages, by N.J.B. Plomley, Launceston, Foot & Playsted Pty Ltd, 1976, p.373.