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Business Continuity Plan

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A Business Continuity Plan or BCP is a document which guides an organisation in recovery from a significant loss or event back to delivering the key business functions of the University. The Australian National Audit Office, 2000, defines business continuity as the uninterrupted availability of all key resources supporting essential business functions.

Implementation of BCP will provide entirety to the disaster profile from the critical incident to recovery to full operation. This is an ongoing process for the University with every Division, Faculty and Institute having documentation to focus on those catastrophic risks that threaten the University & trades major activities of teaching and research:

  • By ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to identify the impact and likelihood of a risk eventuating - risk registers
  • By ensuring that a crisis is dealt with in the most appropriate way - University Crisis Management Recovery.
  • By maintaining viable recovery strategies for the continuity of services and operations - business continuity plans

Whilst disaster management focuses on strong team management, expertise and experience to recover quickly to an acceptable level of operation and to return to full capacity in minimum time, the BCP will provide guidance for less experienced management in terms of the essential services for operation and priority of actions to be taken. The BCP does not detail the exact measure to take, as all disasters vary in extent and impact and the recovery strategy will vary accordingly, however they provide guidance for management to act appropriately in the event of a significant loss.

Ownership and Updates

BCPs have been developed across the University with ownership sitting within the Division, Faculty or Institute. Review of the documentation will occur annually in line with the budgeting and planning process, although update of the documentation should occur whenever significant change takes place.

The master copy of all documentation sits within the Division, Faculty or Institute however a copy will be held on TRIM for alignment with the University Crisis Management and Recovery Plan.

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