Audit & Risk

External Audit

UTAS and its consolidated entities is required to have an external audit of statutory compliance. UTAS welcomes this level of independent auditing.

External Audit Resourcing

External auditing of UTAS as an entity (including its consolidated entities & institutes) is provided by The Tasmanian Audit Office. It is recognised that from time to time the Tasmanian Audit Office may subcontract elements of its program to other providers of audit services. Where this occurs these providers report to the Tasmanian Audit Office.

UTAS External Audit Program

The UTAS external audit program is developed through two approaches.

On an annual basis a core external audit program is set by the Tasmanian Audit Office. An outline of the annual audit program including scope and related costs is provided by the Tasmanian Audit Office to the UTAS Audit & Risk Committee for sign off prior to commencement. Final audit statements & reports are provided in sufficient time for UTAS to meet its financial and legislative reporting requirements.

As part of a comprehensive program of audit activities across entities at a state level the Tasmanian Audit Office also run a program of Performance Audits. UTAS is a willing participant in such audits.

External Audit Reporting

The Auditor General presents his Annual report, audit certification and management letter to both the Audit & Risk Committee of the University Council and in his annual report to state parliament.