Risk Management & Audit Assurance

Framework of Responsibilities

The Vice-Chancellor and Senior University Managers are responsible for overall risk oversight through:
  • conduct of the corporate risk management process periodically;
  • review of the operational risk management process results in the context of identified corporate risks;
  • determination of broad plans for action
  • reporting to Council through the Risk & Audit Committee.
Senior University Managers are responsible for:
  • implementation of corporate risk management action plans; and
  • conduct of operational risk management process periodically for their area/s of responsibility.
The Director Audit and Risk is responsible for:
  • provision of on-going guidance to all levels of management on the risk management process;
  • supporting the Vice-Chancellor and Senior University Managers in carrying out its risk management role.
  • developing and implementing the internal audit work plan in response to the results of the risk management process
  • performance of a periodic review of the risk management process.