Rural Clinical School

Year 3 Rural Placements


Year 3 Rural Placements

Start Date

23rd Jul 2012

End Date

27th Jul 2012

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Year 3 students from Hobart will be based in the North West to complete their primary care rotation for two weeks each quarter of the academic year.   During the two weeks rotation, Year 3 students spent time learning waveRCS students on medical ward consulting, become proficient in patient history taking, selecting a diabetic patient and following through treatment, spending time with pharmacy, allied health workers and being involved in community activities.  Rural Clinical School year 4 medical students attended general practices on Tuesdays, so alternative activities are organised for the year 3 students.  This incorporates Year 5 students buddying Year 3 students in the hospital wards, spending time in theatre, DEM and outpatients at both NWRH or Mersey Community Hospital.  The students on rotation have been very positive about their experiece in the North West.