Rural Clinical School

Junior Doctors

The Rural Clinical School (RCS) is closely involved with the education of Junior Doctors in the hospital and does this by maintaining close links with the Post Graduate Medical Education Council (PMCT) of Tasmania's NW team.

Luanne Steven and Rose Moore of PMCTDrs Lounge

Junior doctors have the use of a Clinician's Lounge at the Rural Clinical School as well as access to teaching and learning facilities including computers, work stations, tutorial rooms and the Simulated Learning Environment (SLE).In the hospital corridor

Some staff work with both the RCS and the PMCT and in their dual role support and train both undergraduate medical students and junior doctors.

Undergraduate students are well supported by junior doctors in the clinical setting and final year medical students work very closely with Interns to learn the requirements of the role and become 'work ready' by the completion of their MBBS.

Many tutorials are attended by both undergraduate students and junior doctors and in this way the RCS program is said to be 'vertically integrated'.

Junior doctors at the Tasmania Health Organisation North West (THO-NW) are also well supported by the PMCT.  PMCT staff oversee the education, supervision and pastoral care of junior doctors during the PGY1-4 years of their training. They are also very keenly involved in supporting Internationally Trained Graduates in the workplace and in the completion of the AMC Clinical Exam.